Social Innovation for the Sustainability

marcelMarcel Bursztyn

PhD in socio-economics. Professor at the Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Brasília.




Marcel Bursztyn has a B.Sc. in economics and a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning, both from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Diploma in Planning Studies at the University of Edinburgh, Ph.D. in Developpement Economique et Social - Université de Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne and Ph.D. in Economie - Université de Picardie-France. He is a full professor at the University of Brasilia, in the Center for Sustainable Development.

Senior Research Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government - Sustainability Science Program, Harvard University (2007-2008). Visiting professor at the Université de Rennes 2, France (2009). Visiting professor at the University of Paris 3 (Sorbonne la Nouvelle), in 2012. Visiting professor in the Centro de Innovación en Tecnología para el Desarrollo (itdUPM), at Universidad Tecnológica de Madrid (2017). Co-editor of the Journal Sustainability Debate. Member of the editorial committee of 12 scientific journals. Author of 137 articles published in scientific periodicals, 56 book chapters and 20 books.