Social Innovation for the Sustainability

Instructions for authors

Publication Norms for articles in Seventeen Journal: Interdisciplinary Research for the Sustainable Development Goals

The articles must be originals and should not have been submitted or published to other publications.

The parameters to follow for the articles are:

  • The average length of an article is approximately 6.000 words (excluding bibliography).
  • Source: Times New Roman
  • Size: 12
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Page size: A4.

All the articles will include: title, author's name, institution which work, email, followed by an abstract. This abstract of the article should not be more than 200 words with at least 5 keywords and a maximum of 12; The abstract and keywords will be done in both Spanish and English.

- The author must include a biographical note of between 5 and 7 lines – and from each co-author, in the original language of the text. This part will be entered in the text after the 5 keywords.

- The different sections of the article must be numbered in a correlative way following the Arabic numeral (including, where appropriate, as 1 the introduction section), and the corresponding rubric shall be consigned in capital letters and bold type. Consecutively, the sections of each section will be numbered with two digits (1.1., 1.2., ...) and bold type, and three digits (1.1.1., 1.1.2., ...) and underlined type.

The tables and figures will be numbered consecutively and always with Arabic numerals. Each one will have a short title and full source.

The notes will be numbered correlatively with Arabic numerals, in a single space, and will be placed at the bottom of the page. They will only include the specific bibliographic reference (for example, Internet addresses) or a brief annotation, never extended texts. If these were necessary, they will be taken to the end of the work.

- All tables, charts, diagrams, graphs and other illustrations will be numbered consecutively and placed in their rightful place within the text. In addition, in the case of graphs, diagrams and illustrations, jpg files must be included at 300 resolution as a separate document.

- In case of delivering a text for the sections of "Notes and Collaborations", "Experiences" and / or "Documents", it must have between three and ten pages.

- Bibliographical references must appear in parentheses in the text of the article, and bibliographical references will appear in alphabetical order at the end. References will conform to the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA), sixth edition. Authors are recommended to use bibliographic managers to facilitate the editing process. The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) will also be included in the event that articles of electronic journals are cited and that have it.

Seventeen journal will not be responsible for the literature review according to APA or the inclusion of DOIs.

- Whenever an acronym is cited for the first time, its full meaning must be cited before followed by the acronym in brackets. The following times only the acronym may appear.

- It is necessary to send with the article a version of the curriculum vitae of the author/s and /or co-authors, including name, affiliation, postal address, mobile phone, and e-mail.

- The articles for publication must be sent electronically in doc or docx format to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- The journal will acknowledge receipt of the originals and will resolve in view of the evaluators reports. The evaluation process is double-blind reviewing procedure.

- In the case of the original accepted for publication, the author or authors undertake to review the relevant printing tests within a maximum period of four days from receipt.