Social Innovation for the Sustainability

Ethical Code


By sending manuscripts to the journal seventeen, the authors undertake to comply with the rules of the scientific community such as the submission of unpublished works that have not been sent to another journal, or that are already published. A call is also made to avoid plagiarism practices within the works presented to the journal.

For their part, the editors will be impartial when managing the works sent for possible publication, as well as the confidentiality that will be maintained with the texts receivedand their content. Itwill preserve the integrity of the research presented.  The editors of the journal undertake to have the publication rules updated and on the journal's website, as well as the copyright policy.

The journal Diecisiete handles the evaluation of articles through peer review.  The evaluators will manage the confidentiality of the article sent to them, as well as undertake to comply with the review deadlines that have been provided.

To achieve the aforementioned principles and standards, it is necessary the commitment of all participants involved in the process of editing the journal, such as: authors, editorial team, and evaluators.

This journal is based on ethical principles that, in general, follow the lines established by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).